The Pelagian DCCCR

After a very busy ten days of evaluating and diving we are pleased to offer you courses on the Pelagian rebreather. Andy Fritz who makes the rebreather came over to Sharm to show us his unit. The pelagian is a Diver Controlled Closed Circuit Rebreather, in other words, a manual rebreather. It is similar to the Kiss except that you have a needle valve to determine the flow. This flow can be changed by the diver in the water. There is also a manual bypass that can be activated to control the Po2.


Pelagian 2The best thing about the unit is its weight. For the traveling rebreather diver this unit weighs in well below your travel allowance. With an empty scrubber and no cylinders with a normal backplate and wing you can put the whole lot into a bag and have a weight of 11Kg. Truly a portable rebreather.

Tekstreme can now offer you courses on the Pelagian up to Mixed gas level. We can also order your unit and have it shipped to you without the bypass valve ready for your course. The bypass valve will be here waiting for you.