Introducing the newest member of the Tekstreme team.

Now things have settled down after Christmas and New Year, Tekstreme can formally introduce to you the newest member of the Tekstreme Team.

Paul Thewissen started diving 15 years ago. He learnt to dive in his native homeland of Holland before heading out on a holiday to Mexico to put his newly learnt skills into practice. It was on this holiday that he had his first taste of tropical scuba diving and the hooks were in! He decided to continue his diving education whilst back in Holland earning the level of CMAS Dive leader. It was at this time he was going on regular holidays in Europe and Egypt to expand his diving experiences.

Nine years ago he decided that he wanted to turn his hobby into his work, so he decided to head to Egypt for an extended holiday to see if he liked it.  As there was not so much demand for CMAS in a touristic resort he made his crossover to become a PADI Divemaster and was lucky enough to get a job offer after only 5 days of being in the country and he has been here ever since!


Paul finally made his instructor course and achieved the rating of Master Scuba Diver Trainer the following year.  It was also during this year that SSI had approached Emperor Divers and Tekstreme to represent their agency that Paul completed the crossover to become a SSI instructor.

Paul says that he was always interested in trying some technical diving as through CMAS all those years ago he had already learned some decompression diving and enjoyed some of the more deeper dives, so whilst he was working for Emperor Divers he had the opportunity with Tekstreme to pursue this interest even more…and subsequently got hooked….again!!

The future for Paul is very exciting and he plans to continue with his technical diving and look forward to many years of deep diving ahead.

Paul is a great assist to Tekstreme and his position within the team will only get stronger as time goes on. Being fluent in Dutch (native tongue), English and German, Paul can increase the opportunities for divers of other nationalities who do not speak English to be able to come and train with Tekstreme. He is currently working towards his technical divemaster level and the instructor levels will not be far behind! He has already mastered the art of filling tanks and servicing regulators so needless to say he does not have much free time. But, whatever free time he has will be in the water diving, diving, diving.

Tekstreme welcome Paul to the team and look forward to the future years together.

Cat Braun


Tekstreme Manager


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