My trip to 100m by Johan Eriksson

Tekstreme have recently had a visit by returning guest Johan Eriksson. Johan has done all of his technical training with us and it was such a fantastic day when he made his first 100m dive.


Here is a small blog by Johan on this remarkable day.

“A little note to say I dived to 101 metres today along the reef wall off Shark Reef, one of the most amazing dive sites in the world, at the very tip of the Sinai peninsula in the Ras Mohammed marine park.

The wall extends down to about 800 metres which is a little bit too deep. It takes about five minutes to sink to 100 metres – and about 70 minutes to get back up, mainly because of the decompression requirements.

It was a little bit darker at 101m but everything is still clearly visible and my camera took good pictures without any need for a flash. The water was exceptionally clear, even more so than further up; however it was a bit chilly at 23 degrees vs 29/30 closer to the surface.

Swimming around at ~100m felt almost like a deep recreational dive; the gas, 11% oxygen, 53% helium and the remainder nitrogen, is calibrated to delivering the equivalent amount of partial pressure of nitrogen, and hence nitrogen narcosis, as you get from breathing air at 35-40 metres, so this isn’t so surprising – however the water pressure, at eleven times the pressure just under the surface, wasn’t very noticeable.

The gas we used doesn’t sustain life on the surface so you need to use one of the decompression gases on the way down, which adds a bit of drama, especially when you forget to open the tank. I had been to 88 metres at the same place before, and yesterday we dived to 85 metres inside a deep underwater canyon, and both dives felt more peculiar; in the first instance for having been on a training course, with the instructor (Chris) looking for errors (and finding them), and in the second because of the 50 metres of narrow canyon walls with arches, boulders and swim-throughs above. Swimming through a narrow tunnel at 75 metres is a bit spooky.

In terms of wildlife, below about 55 metres all I saw was one fish, in addition to my two fellow divers; Chris Armstrong, an excellent instructor at Tekstreme, and Ron Prowse, who also happens to be a technical diving instructor.

Above say 30 metres it’s a different story; literally millions of fish, from countless bright orange/red antheas, the signature fish of the Red Sea, which fringe all the equally but differently coloured coral outcrops, to a huge marble sting ray, massive moray eels, very large jacks and tunas. Most of the more common fish gather in great schools at this dive site, and there’s a lot of mating going on this time of year. In some places it’s like fish soup, and everywhere is incredibly beautiful”

Johan Eriksson.


Many thanks Johan for that in depth description of your dive i am sure many others would love to have the same opportunity to join the 100m club!


Cat Parfitt

Technical Manager


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