Technical Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Over the last few weeks we have experienced the full range of weather conditions that the country can throw at us and we always bounce back with vengeance.  We have had sandstorms, rain storms, clouds and sun in such a short space of time it has kept us on our toes! Saying that, it does appear as though things have settled down, the air temperature has soared and the water temperature is not far behind.


We have quite a few divers to congratulate this last month from all of our major resorts. Lets begin in the south. Cat travelled down to Marsa Alam to meet Kevin Munn who came out to join us to make his TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course. Unlucky for him it was one of the windiest weeks of that time, but that did not stop us.  Kevin who is a very experienced MSDT teaching in UK found it no drama to understand the theory and principles behind technical diving theory and passed all theory exams with ease. He has great control in the water and sailed through the advanced nitrox course. It was very unfortunate that he found that a previous shoulder injury was becoming a hindrance when trying to do gas shut down drills! Kevin will now go back and enrol in some Yoga courses and hopefully the flexibility will improve and he can make the final little steps to getting that Deco procedure qualification…. Or we see him back out with us to do side mount instead! Either way he will achieve his goals and soon we will see him at depth!


Heading across the seas to Sharm El Shiekh, we saw the return of Terry Hamilton. Terry begain his technical diving also in Marsa Alam, when he completed his PADI Tec 40 and 45. Terry then decided that Sharm was going to be the next location for him to extend his qualification though to Tec 50. Instructor Mark Chilton was waiting for him and to begin the training. After a couple of days of getting back on the swing of things and of course all the challenges that the course will present, we are pleased to announce that Terry successfully is now a PADI Tec 50 diver. Well done Terry. Now its time to get some more dives under your belt and when your ready you can get your trimix ticket.  During the course Terry made his final dive using a normoxic trimix and can really see the benefit that it has at such a depth. Nothing better than a nice clear head to make the final dive a bit easier.





Moving back to the mainland it was Cats turn to teach some PADI TecRec, 16 days of it!! Emperor Divers instructor and safari guide Szillard Bardozc has decided on a career move and decided that he would like to join the dark side as a technical diver.  In an intensive 16 days Szilard certainly proved that he was more than capable of being a technical diver and hopefully in the near future an instructor also. Szillard took to the skills and drills with little difficulties, and who’s only complaint about himself is when he lost buoyancy by 20cm!! he certainly sets the standard high for himself. Not only was Szilard learning to be a technical diver in the water, he was also learning about the most enjoyable part of technical diving…Filling tanks!!! After the 16 days, we can honestly say that he has had plenty of practise and can now also be classified as a qualified advanced gas blender. Yeh, less tanks for the rest of us to fill!





Szilard was not the only PADI instructor wanting to make a move into technical diving.  Tosson Islam from Cairo came down to join us to begin his path into technical diving. For Tosson his time out of the water meant that the courses were a bit more of a challenge but proved his skill levels as a PADI Tec 45 diver. Hopefully we will see Tosson back very soon to see if he can take it even further.






Moving back to Sinai, resident Red Sea Snapper staff and Tekstreme guide; Steve Parry has turned to the silent world of no bubbles. After doing a CCR try dive on the last technical safari, Steve was hooked from day one and could not wait to get back to resort to make his TDI CCR Deco procedures course. Instructor Chris Armstrong was at hand to put him through his paces and over the week they made many dives and practised all the skills and drills around the dive sites of Tiran and Ras Mohammed. Since completion of the course Steve has now purchased his own Evolution + and is getting in as many hours on the unit when he can. Well done Steve, keep it going.



We also have to say congratulations to the second partner in crime in Red Sea Snapper; Duncan Spenceley on completion of his PADI Trimix instructor and also Steve Parry on his Tec Deep instructor. Duncan also has recently purchased himself a CCR unit and together with Steve are out as much as they can. Both guys are now ready and waiting to teach their new levels, and in the mean time go bubble less diving.


Over the next coming weeks we have more guests joining us to make many more technical courses or guided technical dives. If you would like to join us here at Tekstreme for all levels of technical courses, from the very beginner to the instructor, whether you want to blow bubbles on open circuit or join the silent world of rebreathers, simply visit our website to find more information.


Until then from all of us here “Happy Tech diving”


Your Tekstreme Team


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