Whats been going on then???


Well, here we are once again. I feel it’s about time to keep everybody up to date with our recent technical activities. I must apologise for not producing the update earlier but the months seem to be flying by and I feel as though I have not had a single moment to stop and begin to put this together! Saying that, excuses aside, I captured this moment and so I will begin!


Ever since the beginnings of Tekstreme many moons ago, the company has always encouraged and developed the staff members of Emperor Divers to become technical divers and technical instructors. In-house training is essential in the maintenance of standards and consistency throughout the centres. To date, this approach has not changed.



Over the last few months Ahmed Osman, a PADI Instructor with Emperor Divers Hurghada, has completed his PADI Technical courses with me. Ahmed took too technical diving very comfortably and very soon he looked as happy in a twin set and technical equipment as he does in his normal recreational equipment. The skills presented to Ahmed were performed to a high standard and he took everything in his usual relaxed, confident, stride.

Currently Ahmed has completed his PADI Tec 40, 45 and 50, and hopefully he will have the opportunity to keep his newly learned skills up to date with more diving and then look forward to beginning some Trimix training in April. Well done Ahmed, keep it up.



Heading over to the Sinai, Tekstreme has had quite a few technical divers who have escaped the cold UK winter and have headed out to Sharm to make the most out of the warm Egyptian weather and enjoy some technical dives in clear waters.


Paul Bodell came over for a week of diving on his CCR “Evolution”. He was guided by instructor Mark (aka “Chill”) who made the most out the few days and got out his MEG CCR unit to enjoy some bubble free diving around the stunning sites of Tiran and Ras Mohammed.

Paul Murray & Yvonne Press also had the same idea as Paul and also escaped snowy UK to come out and refresh their open circuit skills. Paul and Yvonne, a PADI Trimix 65 diver and PADI Tec 45 diver respectively, had the pleasure of not only one technical guide with them but two! Duncan Spenceley and Steve Parry were both on hand to offer the best diving that they could around Sharm and Dahab.




Back over to the mainland side of Egypt and travelling down the coast to the quieter resort of Marsa Alam, Tekstreme welcomed Marc Sluszny from Belgium. Marc was out on holiday for the week with the family and wanted to squeeze in a couple of deep trimix dives. Marc who is well known for his extreme sports and national achievements makes no exception when it comes to diving. Marc will not be happy unless he is challenging his own boundaries and within technical diving this is no different. A sub 100m dive was the aim of the week. I travelled down to Marsa to dive with Marc and took with me support diver Shaun Fox to help Marc fulfil his mission. After three days of build up dives, Marc got the opportunity to achieve his mission and on the final day enjoyed a 110m dive at Torfeit Ali.


It was a pleasure to meet a man such as Marc who has such a great outlook on life and certainly a great believer in following your dreams and making things happen.




Back up to Hurghada Chris Knox came to join me for a TDI Advanced Eanx and Decompression procedures course. Chris, natively from New Zealand who now lives in Saudi Arabia, wanted not only to challenge himself with the course but noted that it would also be beneficial for his work back in Saudi. Chris often helps with many marine studies and finds that survey work can be restricted by no decompression limits, being able to make planned decompression dives not only will give him more opportunities in the water for these studies but it will make the work more efficient.


Chris proved to himself that he was more than competent to be a technical diver in all aspects, even the elusive art of mid-water smb deployment was almost looking good at the end!! Well done Chris.


We defiantly can’t forget to mention our technical safari that we went on at the end of January. We welcomed on board a group of employees from the Swedish company Alltnet. The main intention of the trip was training, and we had the full range of training going on, from open water training to Trimix training. The open water training was under the direction and supervision of Fredrik Nilsson, and Michael Bergstrom conducted the technical training from the Swedish technical diving company “Swedtech”. It certainly was a logistical challenge to say the least to combine all these levels of training, but we managed to put it together and everybody was happy. All divers successfully passed their relevant courses and had an enjoyable week. Many thanks to Rainer Amine, Fredrik Nilsson and Michael Bergström for their patience, organization and for making the trip happen!



I will round it up there and actually get back to doing some proper work. So until next time take care and happy technical diving.


Cat and the Tekstreme Team


P.S – Dont forget our next technical safari is in June to the Brother Islands and we do still have some places left. The trip is open to all levels of technical diver and technical training can be made on board through BSAC , TDI or PADI TecRec. Contact me directly for more information on how you can join us.




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