Remember, remember the 5th of November….!

Well, the month of November literally started with fireworks, well maybe not in Egypt but I am sure where ever you were you had a good bonfire night! As the old phrase would go “Remember, remember the 5th of November….” Unfortunately for us we don’t remember, as we have once again been very busy teaching, guiding, guiding, teaching and filling tanks!!!



Starting this time in Sharm we welcomed Jaana Nystrom who came out to make her TDI Advanced nitrox course with Sarah. Jaana came out with her son and friends who were also making some days of recreational diving. Unfortunately Jaana had been very busy in her work before she came on holiday and decided that she needed more “chill time.” After having an introduction into twin set diving, Jaana continued with some dives with the family. Hopefully Jaana will return to us again when she has more time and can relax to complete her course. We wish you all the best Janna.


At the same time in Hurghada, Mark Hewitt came to join me to make his PADI Tec 45 course. Mark had some great dives and the finale dive was a fantastic wreck dive on the Rosalie Muller, which has been a teasing factor for him to go on and continue in the future with his PADI Tec 50 course J




Following shortly behind Jaana in Sharm came Claire Evans, Mike Robertson and Peter Scarlett. All three guests are previous

friends and clients of Red Sea Snapper, a specialised photo operator. Duncan Spencely and Steve Parry took them through their paces when they were completing their PADI Tec courses. They finished their courses with dives around Dahab, where a certain instructor may have flooded his dry suit!! We wont mention how it came about that the suit was flooded but I think that a certain individual brought Duncan a few beers! Well done to all three and I am sure they will be back for some more!




Heading back over to the mainland we welcomed John Miles. John who is a fully qualified trimix CCR diver on his Megaladon, came out to make a week of Trimix CCR diving before heading out with us on a technical safari. John, a very relaxed character had dives with Shaun and myself all around the Hurghada area gradually increasing depth ready for deep dives on safari.




At the same time we had John Hunt back to join us at Tekstreme. John has been diving with Tekstreme for as long as I can

remember. I actually was only an instructional assistant when he made his first TDI courses!! John was back to make the BSAC Advanced Mixed Gas course with me. John is such an organised and meticulous character and it certainly shows in his diving style. After a week of diving together, John passed his course and can now make deeper mixed gas dives all over the world. Once again John it was such a pleasure to spend the time with you.


Moving up along the coast to Emperor divers El Gouna, the centre welcomed a diving club from UK who were making recreational dives. However, as experienced technical divers, two members of the group Liam Hoey and Geoffrey Roberts could not resist diving the Rosalie Muller “tech style”


Road trip style up I came to El Gouna, not on my own but also bringing tech guide Shaun, newly qualified PADI Tec 45 diver mark Hewitt, BSAC mixed gas diver in training John Hunt to come and take the boys on a tech dive on the wreck. The conditions were fantastic, good visibility (for the wreck!), very little current and not another boat in sight. Happy diving days.



Heading back over to Sinai we Tekstreme welcomed back our good ol’ tech diving friend Aude Beliard. This time she chose to make technical dives around Sharm with Mark and Duncan. Aude very much enjoyed the dives around Ras Mohammed and Tiran putting all of year trimix experience into practise. Hopefully she will soon head back over to the mainland to come back and visit us soon J

Soon after Aude left us, we saw the return of Andrew Grundy. Andy has been diving with Tekstreme since his very first PADI Tec 40 course early last year, and it was quite fitting that he has now made his final PADI trimix course also with us. Well done Andy it has been great to be able to take you through the levels and see you come out the other end as an established safe technical diver. I hope soon that I get chance to dive with you, as it seems as though I am the only one who has not yet!


And finally…


We have literally just got back from our northern technical safari. On board were; Erik, Christian, Andreas, David, Florin, Claire, John, Csaba, Stella, Rohan, Susan, Maria, Russell, Shaun, Louise and Simon. It was a bit windy to start with but calmed down by the end of the week. Dives that we made included; Rosalie Muller, Shark & Yolanda Reef (no comments from anybody about why I did not see the toilets!), Thomas Canyon, the wreck of the Lara, Jackfish Alley, Abu Nuhas, Small Giftun Wall, the Gulf Fleet wreck and many more shallower reefs. A good time was had by all and many successful dives. David was kind enough to get some video footage of the Lara and has made a small clip for all to see. You can see it by heading to Many thanks for that David.


And so as we draw toward the end of the month we take a deep breath and get ready to begin all over again In December!!!


Until the next update, take care and happy tech diving


Cat & the Tekstreme team.


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