Who has time to think about Christmas!?

So we have only have 47 days left until Christmas, well this is apparently what I read, but in all honesty we have been way to busy to even start thinking that far ahead. At the moment we are thinking to only ahead to our next guests coming out to join us here at Tekstreme.

October is the month that generally marks the end of summertime for us. Slowly, slowly the dry suits start to creep out of the cupboards, shorts are exchanged for trousers, T shirts exchanged for jumpers and a cold drink exchanged for a hot chocolate!! Actually this year was a bit different, with air temperatures still relatively high and the water temperature still holding at around 27C. Does this mean that we are in for a warm winter…?

Our most recent guests were the lucky ones to have such good weather. Beginning with Paul Mason and Helen Lucas. As existing BSAC divers they came to Hurghada to join me to continue and begin their BSAC technical courses respectively. Helen to make her Sports Mixed Gas and Explorer Mixed Gas and Paul to make his Advanced Mixed Gas. The week of diving gave both divers a chance to develop their existing skills and learn new skills.  Paul did exceptionally well and is a well-rounded competent technical diver and took to the course easily and now will go away to continue to making deeper trimix dives in UK (weather permitting of course!) Helen also did very well for her first introduction to mixed gas diving. The dive planning, skills practise and general knowledge all-unquestionable. Helen qualified as a sports mixed gas diver and hopefully with just a few more dives will continue to complete her explorer mixed gas once back in UK. Well done to both of you, it was a very enjoyable week.

Next we had Martin Kerr and Linda Pooley arriving in Sharm to make their TDI Advanced nitrox and Decompression procedures course with Sarah. (October was the month for couples!) Both of them made good progress and in Linda’s words “actually enjoyed it more than what she thought!” Both of them will now go away and hopefully continue to make technical dives and hopefully we will see them back in the future to continue their training to Entry Trimix.

At the same time I was also over in Sharm to make another BSAC course but this time with Patrick Lamb. Patrick is an experienced dive leader and wanted to expand his capabilities to technical diving and so he decided the Sports Mixed gas was the way forward. The three days was a pleasure and Patrick did very well and passed the course well. Hopefully he will get some more dives in and you never know he may be back for the explorer mixed gas.

Over in Hurgada we saw the return of Eric Herinckx, this time back with us to make his PADI Trimix 65. Under the instruction of Mark Chilton Eric did well and qualified with confidence. It was a time when Hurghada saw all technical divers with no hair; Mark, Eric and Shaun all with nice shiny heads! Makes for quite a photo!! Eric for sure will continue his trimix path its just a matter of time!! Well done Eric.

Shortly after the departure of Eric, Hurghada welcomed back our former frequent guest Alain Goemaere, but this time was different, Alain was on a rebreather!! A few months ago Alain made his CCR course on a Revo and came out to us to get some hours up so that in the future he can continue through to mixed gases. It was also quite a sight to see Alain on his Revo, instructor Mark on his Meg and guide Shaun on his inspiration. No bubbles to be found!

Down in Marsa Alan instructor Jim had his first guest Richard Kurzyca. Richard is a qualified Entry Trimix diver but had been out of the water for some time, and so came back to make a refresher and once again build up his experience. Unfortunately for Richard he had previously had some shoulder surgery and was at the time unable to make gas shutdowns, but still managed to enjoy a good week of diving around the reefs of Marsa Alam.

Without forgetting that towards the end of month many of us flew over to UK for the annual dive show. Many thanks to all guests past, present and hopefully future that came to say hi, it was a great couple of days for us. (The food and drink was also quite nice!)

And so the month drew to the end and we start to look ahead to what November has in store….!

Check out the next blog to find out all about it.

Until then, happy safe deep diving from all of us here at Tekstreme.

Cat Parfitt

Tekstreme Manager


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