Two months to catch up on!

As we move into September we can reflect on what has been a very busy two months. My apologies for not being publishing a blog for July, but I was simply too busy with the guests, and so this blog is from July and September (it will be quite long!)

So, as a time frame, firstly we started off with our frequent technical guest Mattjin Buwalda. Mattjin came back to Hurghada for 6 days of technical diving to gain more experience at his current training level; TDI Decompression procedures diver. Every dive is a learning curve and Mattjin certainly learns more and more every time he comes out. New Tekstreme instructors Claire and Jim, came to join us from Marsa Alam to get in a couple of training days ready for receiving their own technical guests.

We managed to get some good dives in around Giftun, Umm Gammar and Careless reef to name a few. Claire and James also had plenty of time for practising their demonstrations of skills.






Next we had Chris Redmond. Chris, an English teacher, working in Belgium, came out to join us in Hurghada to make his TDI Advanced nitrox and decompression procedures course. It was certainly a challenging week for Chris, and thanks to Shaun Fox who was our videographer; Chris learnt a lot about his diving style and, through watching playbacks of video knows what to work on for the future. Chris came away with the Advanced Nitrox qualification and hopefully we will see him back out to complete the Decompression procedures part. Well-done Chris.






Towards the end of the month we welcomed Nils Roar Selnes and his partner Hilde Opdal. Hilde joined us to make her advanced nitrox, whilst Nils not only completed the advanced nitrox but also continued through to decompression procedures and also Entry Trimix. Nils, a marine engineer from Norway, found the theory of technical diving and physics very simple to take on. Due to many previous dives in twin set, he took to technical diving very easily and had a very successful 10 days of courses. It was a pleasure to dive with him.  Was also nice having a few beers in the evening with the family.







Also taking part in the courses was Birgit Fisher. Birgit, a German lady, who spends up to three months a year living in Hurghada wanted to also get her “official” Advanced nitrox, decompression procedures and Entry trimix certifications. As an experienced technical diver already, Birgit found the diving and the skills relatively easily. The biggest challenge was for her to try to get rid of bad diving habits that existed! I hope that this has happened J



Heading over to Sharm, instructor and technical guide Mark Chilton welcomed Haluk Iskora for a few days to get in some deeper trimix dives around Ras Mohammed and Tiran.




Marsa Alam as saw some tech diving action this month when Terence Hamilton arrived. Terry, came out to make his PADI Tec 40 and 45 courses with instructor Pierre. Terry took to tech diving very easily and comfortably and soon found himself as a Tec 45 diver. Just to top of his trip he then spend an additional few days making some more tech dives for fun. Well done Terry and we hopefully see you back for Tec 50 soon.

Back up to Hurghada, we were joined by John Leahly.  John came out to Hurghada to begin his technical diving courses and make his PADI Tec 40 course. Pierre once again was the instructor putting John through his paces! After a challenging four days, we were pleased to congratulate John on a successful course. He too, hopefully will be coming back to complete his Tec 45 in the near future.



Right at the end of the month we welcomed to Hurghada Jason Hall and his partner Natalie Maddison. Jason and Natalie are both currently based in Oman and it is though a local BSAC dive club where they met. Jason came out as a Dive leader and Natalie a sports diver with both of them looking to begin there technical diving courses. They we out with us for 12 days and managed to complete accelerated decompression procedures, sports mixed gas, explorer mixed gas and Jason even managed to get in the advanced mixed gas course!! Huge achievements for both of them, and a very enjoyable time it has been. Natalie is a super star, at only 150cm tall

she shows to the boys that size does not matter and she can carry the same equipment as everybody else!! This is some feat, and I will use her as an example whenever anybody complains about how heavy a twin set is!! The humorous side is when diving behind you her you see these little legs hanging out from behind these tanks!!


During all of these guests coming and going, Emperor Diver’s instructor Gareth Winter managed to squeeze in a try dive on the twin set. He has now got his eyes set on starting his technical courses as soon as funds will allow! You never know he could be one of the next Tekstreme Instructors!

Even I also managed to squeeze five days for myself this month when I made my TDI CCR decompression procedures course. First time on CCR is very strange, especially when OC diving is so habitual. By the end of the week, I would like to think it was more natural!! Plan of action is now to get as many diving hours as I can on the unit ready for some mixed gas diving. Many thanks to resident CCR instructor Sarah Woodford for her expertise, knowledge and most of all, her patience. (not so much of a thank you for the homework every night however!!)




So, as you can read times have been busy and now there are many more technical divers out there.

We wish them all the best in their future tech diving and hopefully will see a few of them back.

Many thanks to all of the Tekstreme team for their continued efforts.

Cat Parfitt

Tekstreme Manager


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