Tekstreme’s Monthly update


As we move into the summer months here in Egypt things have certainly been hotting up.


June, similar to the previous couple of months has been a very successful month for all of our guests here at Tekstreme.


To begin the month in Hurghada, Tekstreme welcomed back our good Belgium friend Aude Beliard. Aude came to us first to begin her PADI Technical diving courses 18 months ago. With true determination and commitment Aude has successful now become a PADI TMX 65 diver, with the upgrade to a full trimix diver booked in for September. Following up on her trimix course, Aude continued to make more days of technical diving to enjoy her new diving level. Alongside resident PADI instructor Pierre, the two of them made some awesome dives within the Hurghada area. Aude has been making her courses with myself from the beginning and it has been so rewarding to see her develop not only her diving skills, but her attitude towards technical diving also. It has been fantastic, and I personally can’t wait until September.





Shortly after Aude left us, we welcomed back once again Peter Brookes and Paul Veater. Both of these guys have dived Sharm, Hurghada and Marsa Alam before and wanted to try out El Gouna for technical diving. Both on open circuit, they enjoyed days of diving around the local sites with the biggest bonus being that of Rosalie Moller being on the door step. It was once again Pierre who was to be their guide and make sure all went well, and it certainly did. Many thanks to Paul and Peter for there complementary comments, we are glad they had a good time and look forward to the next time.








Heading over to Sharm we saw the return of Andrew Grundy. Andrew has made all of his previous PADI technical courses under the direction of our good old friend Chris Armstrong, who now has moved to Malta. It was going to be hard for a new instructor to come in and take over where Chris left off. Our replacement for tech instructor Chris, Mark Chilton, did a fantastic job and the boys had a great time making the PADI TMX 65 course, followed up by some extra days of tech diving to put into practise all that he had learnt. Well done to both Mark and Andrew.












If that was not enough for Mark, he also had a fun day out on the boat with newly qualified PADI OWSI Craig Lawton. Craig has been diving in a twin set for a few dives but wanted to get a little taster of what technical diving is all about. Out on the boat with his partner, Craig got that experience. We now hope that he decides to take the next step and make his first technical course with us.









At the same time in Sharm, Duncan Cooper & Lindsey Carpenter, came to join me to make their TDI Entry Trimix course. Personally for me it was a great 5 days spent with these guys. Both of them found the course a good learning experience and a positive way to develop there existing skills. Once again as an instructor I died on many occasion throughout the course (The sacrifices we must make as instructors!) but eventually they got me and them through the dives alive J Thanks for that guys. And my reward was to be treated to a fantastic Indian meal at the Camel Bar…very nice food J We look to see both of them back out again soon, and even maybe for their Advanced trimix.


Whilst all those courses were going on in Sharm we also had some “bubble makers’ (ha ha ha) joining the boats to enjoy some dives on their various CCR units. Soren reinke, was actually out for around three weeks (not sure where he gets his holiday time from!) Arne Voigi, came to join Soren in his final week and also lars Norup was out for a week. All three guests making some decent dives away from the noise and bubbles of us open circuit divers!!






Heading back over to Hurghada, we welcomed from France Eric Herinckx. Eric had been very keen to begin his technical diving courses for some time, and eventually managed to find the time to join up with French PADI Tec instructor Pierre to begin his courses. At the time of writing Eric has already completed the PADI Tec 40 and 45, and hopefully by the end of today he would have also completed his Tec 50. Good Luck Eric.

Last but by no means least we have to say a big congratulations to Eszta Dosa, one of Emperor Divers staff in Hurghada who finally got round to completing her TDI Basic and Advanced Gas Blender courses. Many thanks for helping us to fill tanks and you are more than welcome to fill all of the other tanks in the future J Well done Eszta.


So I think that sums up the month of June! As you can see its been a busy one all round, and all of us would like to thank the guests for their commitment to us here at Tekstreme.


Until next time, happy tech diving J


Cat and the Tekstreme team.


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