Where to begin…!

Wow, as May came to end we sit back and take a deep breath as for once gain it has been an intensive month for Tekstreme throughout our resorts. The only question is…where do I start when trying to go though everybody!!!

Mattjin & Cat

I guess we should start at the beginning of the month when we welcomed Mattijn Buwalda to Hurghada. Mattjin had recently returned from a trip to Bonaire where he achieved the rating of TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression procedures diver. Mattjin was keen to keep up his newly learnt skills and extend them with time. Cat was the instructor with Mattijn to take him through his week. It was an interesting 6 days with news skills being taught and practised, diving techniques mastered and theoretical knowledge developed. Mattjin will be back with us at Tekstreme in July to hopefully make his crossover to PADI Technical courses which was always his initial aim. Hopefully we can complete the PADI Tec 50 and who knows what else.

Also during the week with Mattjin he discovered the finer arts of gas blending and became a TDI Basic Gas blender. Well done Mattjin, next is the trimix blender.

At the same time but over in Sharm we saw the return of Dave Hurring. Dave has been a long time guest of Tekstreme and has made all of his technical courses under the direction of instructor Chris Armstrong. Dave returning on this occasion to make his PADI Trimix course. It was quite a significant course as it was also the last course taught by Chris before he left Egypt to start a new venture in Malta. We are sad to see him go but wish him all the best for his new life and for sure we will keep in touch.

Dave Hurring

Congratulations to Dave on completion of his course and hopefully we see you again soon to put all those new skills to the test.

Shortly after the departure of Dave, we welcomed back a long running guest and friend; Mark Chenoweth. Normally you can find Mark diving out of Hurghada but this time he fancied a change and headed to the heights of Sharm. Mark made a good week of deep air dives with technical guide Sarah. Also diving with Mark was the latest addition to the Tekstreme team; Mark Chilton. Mark has come in to take over where Chris left off. We are very happy to have him as part of the team and wish him all the best for a happy Tekstreme future.

At the end of Mark Chenoweth’s diving week, Sarah managed to use her persuasive manners to convince mark to make a rebreather try-dive…and he loved it! Hopefully nest time he will be back with us to make his first level inspiration course.

Mark Chenoweth

Heading back over to Hurghada two rebreather divers came to join us for the week. Paul McKenzie and Doug Norton. Both on their inspirations they enjoyed a very relaxed week of rebreather diving around the Hurghada area. The weather was awesome and good dives were had at the wrecks of Abu Nuhas, Small Giftun and Abu Ramada.

Mid way through the month we sent CCR guide Shaun Fox on a little jolly on safari for the week. The boat was fully charted by an English group who had two technical divers on board on their CCR units and who wanted to make some slightly deeper dives whilst on their trip.

The trip was to the northern end of the Red Sea and dives were made around Ras Mohammed, Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moller, Abu Nuhas and many more reef dives. Diving as a three with all divers on Inspirations it certainly was a silent world!

Back over to Sinai, instructor Sarah began some BSAC technical courses with Jan Haastrop. Jan has travelled from Doha to enjoy some courses and diving in the Red Sea. He began with accelerated decompression procedures, before moving onto Sports Mixed gas and explorer mixed gas. During his stay he also managed to learnt and finer points of gas blending and became a fully qualified BSAC gas blender.

Well done Jan, next time you can get a break from work let’s get your through advanced mixed gas.

Jan Haastrop

May also welcomed back the familiar faces Paul Harding, Paul Ayres and Soren Reinke. Paul once again came out to make some dives with his KISS rebreather, Paul and Soren both on their Inspirations. Paul Ayres managed to squeeze in a few technical diving days where they explored the reefs of Tiran and Ras Mohammed with technical guide Mark Chilton. Hopefully next time you can be allowed more time!! (and maybe Emma comes to join us?!)

I think the final guest of the month was American Eric Vinik. Unfortunately Eric did not have so much time in resort, but still managed to squeeze in a refresher tech dive from the beach at Sharks bay before a full day of tech diving on the boat with Mark.

As the month came to and end we already begin to roll into June and off we go again!

The more we work, the less trouble we get into…!

Many thanks to all guests and we look forward to seeing you all again some time soon.

Take Care

The Tekstreme Team


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