Another busy month for Tekstreme….

It would seem as though the tourism industry has really began to make its comeback to the Red Sea with another busy month for Tekstreme in both Hurghada and Sharm El Shiekh. The summer temperatures have been beginning to show up, with the wind having less of a cold edge. Both resorts generally have been quiet but yet the divers continue to flock back.

Our first guest of the month Jonathan Goodfellow coming to visit us in Sharm. Jonathan was a BSAC diver who wanted to expand his diving experience into technical diving and planned to make his BSAC Accelerated decompression course, BSAC Sports mixed gas and explorer mixed gas courses under the attentive direction of Chris Armstrong. Jonathan made good progression throughout the courses and proved himself by the end worthy to hold such a mixed gas ticket. Enjoyable dives were had around Ras Mohammed and Tiran. After a few more experience dives hopefully we will see Johnathan back to make his advanced mixed gas course.

Our next two guests, also to Sharm were father and son team Phil and Kieran Sawyer. After chatting with these guys at the dive show they decided to come to Egypt to make their PADI Tec 40 course with Instructor Chris Armstrong.  It was an intensive three days with both of them rising up to the challenges placed upon them by Chris. They both now have the ambition to continue through to Tec 45, and hopefully we will see them back.

Also to Sharm we welcomed Paul Beckett do make his first steps into the silent world of the rebreathers under the supervision of Sarah Woodford. With the current crisis of no oxygen cells on the market we eventually managed to get electronics so that Paul could complete his course!

Unfortunately due to the revolution within in the country the technical safari due for the end of the month was cancelled, but this did not stop Tim Hinterberger still travelling over from Alaska to come and join us to make his PADI Tec 40 and 45 with Instructor Cat. Tim, who had previous experience of twin set diving, made an easy adjustment into decompression diving.

Before long he was making regular deco dives with relative ease. The skills were no problem for Tim had had a good mastery and before you knew it both courses had been completed. Tim now returns to the colder waters of Alaska to show his diving buddies a few things!

Hurghada also saw the return of Andy Sargent and his Inspiration. Andy came to escape UK for the week to make some chilled out, bubble free

deco dives in warmer waters. Tekstreme’s CCR guide Shaun Fox was on hand to take Andy on his underwater tours. Such dive sites visited included; Small Giftun (75m), Erg Somaya (65m), Gulf Fleet wreck (100m). The final wreck dive of the week was a very significant dive for Andy as it was the first time to reach 100m. The dive was perfect, and as he swam under the wreck with Cat you could here very distinctive sounds of an old Cliff Richards song…Congratulations.

At the same tome that Andy was in Hurghada Julien Elliot had come out for a peaceful week of recreational diving with his girlfriend. Julien, also a CCR diver but his time on a Meg, could not resist the temptation of leaving his girlfriend to join the teckies for a few dives. (Sorry for that!!) Julien also had his video camera with him and did manage to get some could footage throughout the week.

Back to Sharm we had a visit by Peter Walker Smith. Peter planned to make the TDI combination of advanced nitrox and deco procedures with Chris Armstrong. After 5 days, celebrations were had all round as he achieved his goal. Well Done Peter.

Finally at the end of the month we saw a very familiar face returning to our door stop…Johan Erikkson. Johan began his technical training in Hurghada. He made is PADI Tec Deep course early 2010, after this he travelled to Sharm to make his PADI Trimix 65 and also his TDI CCR course. Not content with this, and feeling the need for more learning, Johan came back to us to upgrade to a full Trimix diver. Chris put hi through his paces as always and by the end of his stay he was making deeper Trimix dives with ease. Johan did manage to capture a great shot as he followed behind Chris swimming through the blue hole, great photo.

As the month comes to an end we breath a couple of breathes before we start again in May which also looks pretty full!! We are not complaining at all this is all good 🙂

Happy Tech diving

The Tekstreme Team


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