A surprising Month

After all of the recent political activities within Egypt and the Middle East I don’t think that anybody was expecting business to be good!! Surprisingly enough what we saw was that divers are a resilient group of society whose passion for diving will take them to all ends of the world regardless.

Whilst some diving centres had to close their doors Emperor Divers and Tekstreme continued to operate throughout some of the worst times for tourism in Egypt.

We welcomed back Durham Scuba Club to Sharm. Barry Marshall, who previously completed his CCR Mixed gas course in with Instructor Sarah Woodford, was back to put his training into practice and made five days of CCR trimix diving around Ras Mohammed, Tiran and Dahab.

Ruth Dacor from Belgium came out to Hurghada to make her TDI Entry trimix course with Instructor Chris Armstrong. Ruth showed true determination and perseverance to overcome the challenges of the course to successfully become a Trimix diver. Keeping Ruth company in resort was her two CCR trimix diving buddies Sune Jorgensona and Jan Birk. I had the pleasure of guiding the two guys for the week. Gradually we increased the depth leading up the final dive on the Gulf Fleet wreck. That dive marked Jan’s deepest dive to date at 100m. The dive went without drama or problems and proved to be a very easy  going enjoyable dive. Cheers for the week guys, it was a pleasure.

Instructor Pierre, Mark Carter and Matthias Vertommen

Our very own Shaun Fox decided that it was time to continue his CCR training and become a Trimix CCR diver. Shaun decided that the BSAC mixed gas courses were the way forward for him and after an intensive 8 days completed his courses to become an Advanced mixed gas CCR

Shaun Fox, Matthias Vertommen & Mark carter

diver. Chris Armstrong once again at hand to take him through his paces. There were only a few discussions on route to keep things interesting!!

UK PADI Instructor Mark Carter came out to join resident PADI Tec Instructor Pierre Bacot to get him through his PADi Tec 40, 45 and 50. After a thorough 9 days Mark successfully became a Tec 50 tech diver. Well done Mark. Hopefully Mark will be returning to make his Tech instructor levels with us in the summer time. During the stay of Mark we also were joined by Hollands very own Matthias Vertommen. Matthias a newly qualified IANTD recreational trimix diver managed to squeeze in a few days of tech diving with us after his safari. Matthias was very obviously born with a twin set on his back as he looked and dived fantastically. We hope to see him back for further training.

I also found time to put some of the Emperor instructors through their paces with the TDI basic and Advanced Gas blender courses. Congratulations to Terry Ellis, Kelly Cotton and Esta Dosa for when they eventually hand in their exams!!!

March also saw the annual London Dive Show. Many of us fly over to London to represent our companies and meet new customers, welcome back existing companies and do some shopping! Tekstreme were a supporter of the Tek 2011 conference that was running alongside the show. The conference had many big speakers there to educate and provide the most up to date info to the public. The show was quieter than we have seen in other years, but hopefully that wont reflect the year.

As we move into April we hope for another busy month.

Cat Parfitt


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