Busy times!!

I have to admit it is probably been the busiest 12 days that I have had in a long time!

I have had the pleasure of Technical diving with Charles Hood, one of the key contributors, to DIVE magazine in UK. 10 dives in 11 days covering 5 resorts around Egypt.

Starting off in Hurghada, before heading down to Marsa Alam, then back up El Gouna, before a short flight over to Sharm, then onwards and upwards to Dahab before finishing back again in Sharm. What an intense, extensive time we have had.

The trip surprisingly for Egypt actually went exactly to plan, the weather was on our side from day one, in terms of lower winds and little currents, we were quite blessed.

I must extend a big thankyou to Johan, the manager from Sinai Divers up in Dahab for his hospitality and helping everything to run smooth up there.

I don’t want to give too much away about the article that Charles has now gone back home to write but lets just say its something a little bit different and hopefully will inspire a lot of divers to take the next step. Each month check out the DIVE magazine, but we think it will be published hopefully for December or January’s addition.

You can check out more work by Charles Hood by heading to his web site http://www.charleshood.com

Happy reading

Cat Parfitt

Tekstreme Diving Manager


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