Where to find unbiased, good information…

For those of us that have been living in Egypt for many years and around the diving industry for way too long it was a pleasure to come across a magazine that is specific to the local area of the Red Sea but without being biased and single company driven.

The concept of the magaizine was created and developed by two expereicned diving professionals; James Dawson and Anders Jälmsjö. Both of these guys have had the great experience of working all over the Red Sea through the opening of being safari guides along with working for larger dive operators from land based dive centres.

Between them they have so much information to provide to the reader that for sure each edition is going to be rammed packed full with new exciting articles.

They say that their main aim is to be able to provide accurate, reliable, non-biased information to the public. They want their magazine not to be exclusive but they want to be seen to represent the best of the diving community, a magazine you can trust.

The magazine is an online magazine, so costs the reader nothing but a few minutes of your time to download it and will be coming out bi-monthly.

You can download your copy of the first edition simply by heading to: http://www.aziabmedia.com/html/the_equalizer.html

From that page simply right click on the magazine and safe it where you want.

For me it was a pleasure to read the magazine and i look forward to the next edition.

Well Done boys.


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