Technical divers and free divers…opposites must attract!

Tekstreme are pleased to announce that once again they will be teaming up with well known and repected specialist apnea center “Only One ” based in Sharm El Sheikh.

Only One Apnea center

Soft, smooth, quiet, confident, serene, peaceful: all these adjectives hint at the intense pleasure well-trained freedivers feel. Without a mechanical breathing apparatus, you’re truly free—free to flow effortlessly into the womb-like, enveloping water, free to join the ocean not as a interloper but as a welcome friend. It’s the feeling of true ease and relaxation under the water.

Humans share special diving adaptations with marine mammals. The most dramatic is the “mammalian diving reflex.” Simply immersing your face in cold water causes a reflexive slowing of your heart rate. This, as well as other oxygen-sparing adaptations, helps to prolong your dives. Your spleen releases extra blood cells and blood vessels in your skin and large muscles constrict, reserving blood for more vital organs, namely your heart and brain. With the expertise of your instructors you will find that once you begin this jouney you will never want to leave it.

(Copyright © 2000 Terry Maas)

During October there will be tension, excitement and exhileration as one of the Free diving world records is set to be challenged. To acheieve such a feat it takes years of commitment. The competitor and the event will be announced to the public very soon.

The superb facilities that Only One Apnea Centre  provide will be the back drop for the challenge with Teksteme’s technical divers there ready in support. It truely is a team effort.

To the undisclosed competitor and to the undisclosed event we wish you all the best.

Keep up to date with our blog right by here, or the facebook groups of  “Tekstreme diving” or “Only One” to see what happens.


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