Tekstreme comes to El Gouna – (slowly, slowly!!)

As you may have heard Emperor Divers took over the former Dive Tribe premises in El Gouna around one month ago. The fun has already begun for Emperor in giving the place a bit of  a face lift. With Keith and Gareth armed with tools and paint brushes the outside of the building is beginning to look good. Inside progress is also being quickly made.

Many of the items that were cleared out of the room

The demolition team were in to completely destroy the existing concrete counters and now the place has been opened up into a huge reception and shop area.

The pressure was on…Tekstreme had to keep up!

So the gauntlet was laid down, let the fun and games begin.

There was a nice sized room within the dive centre that Tekstreme will be using for a classroom, equipment room, office etc, unfortunately the room was full to the roof with, to be honest, rubbish!!

Task one – clean out the room!…..After taking a couple of hours just to get everything out it revealed the, lets say, not too clean walls and floor behind! urgh!!

The artist at work!!

Task two – Cleaning and Painting the whole room, floor, doors etc….Speaking as an expert painter and decorator, I ended up with more paint on me and the floor than on the walls! In fact I don’t think I did…I really did! Important lessons were learned…. Lesson one – To thin down the paint do not use paint thinner despite its name. You may laugh, but I do wonder how many other people have done this. Lesson two – the use of sheets for the floor to stop paint spilling onto it can save you hours in extra cleaning!!

I would like to say that it was therapeutic but……I cant! I fully respect people who do this day in day out for a living. I think you are all nuts.

Task three – Take out existing windows and doors and replace with shiny new ones. Then no doubt repaint after the locals for sure will make a mess everywhere.

Keep checking out the blog to follow our progress and watch the build up to our grand opening.

Next time the sheets go on the floor!

The most frustrating part was seeing the photos that were taken after the painting had finished and compare then to the photos that were taken before I started. I can’t see a difference in the photos at all!! I blame the photographer.


2 thoughts on “Tekstreme comes to El Gouna – (slowly, slowly!!)

  1. Mat Cotton

    Lesson 3 – do not clean floor with aforementioned paint thinner by filling a bucket with it and slopping all over paint-covered floor. As the dive centre manager may pass out from the fumes.

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