Design Competition

Attention, Attention all you budding designers!!

Do you feel that you have a great idea that you would like to see printed on a Tekstreme T-shirt, Baseball cap, Towel or Jumper? Don’t let that design go as you might just be the next designer for Tekstreme diving!!!

Any design idea is welcome from text to non-figurative designs. Submit any design you think would look good on a tek diver’s clothing and win 3 days of technical diving with us at Tekstreme!

So start designing and get wet with Tekstreme!

All entries to be submitted to

Terms & Conditions

Any artwork submited as a part of the competition to Tekstreme, the designer agrees that the artwork is then owned by Tekstreme diving wether it’s selected or not.

Tekstreme will not pay anything for those designs that are not selected for use.

All entries to be submitted by the 1st August 2010

The diving is be taken in the resort of Hurghada within 12 months of notification

A monetary equivalent can be put towards a technical course to be taken in Hurghada

The price does not include Sofnolime or Helium


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