Suez Boat Fire

Boats on fire in dry dock

Four Red Sea diving liveaboards were damaged in a fire which raged in a Suez dry dock on 30 January, an Egyptian marine tourism authority has stated.

The country’s Chamber of Diving and Watersports has said that the vessels Typhoon, VIP One, Hyatt and Sweet Dream were all damaged in the fire, which was spread by a strong wind and proved difficult to douse.

In the case of VIP One, its operator, Red Sea Diving College, has confirmed that, contrary to earlier reports, “damage is limited”.

“If all goes according to plan, VIP One will be back in the water and resuming its normal schedule within 2-3 months,” said RSDC Owner and Managing Director Guy Haywood. “We are already making alternative arrangements for the very early part of the season should it be required.”

A fifth boat, Juliet, lay close to the others but was spared from the fire by the wind direction.

No injuries were suffered in the incident. “The authorities are still investigating the exact cause of the blaze, but preliminary reports indicate that the fire first started in the dry dock electricity wiring to MY Typhoon,” said the CDWS.

“As a boating incident, the investigation has to be carried out by the Egyptian Maritime Authority.”

In a personal message, CDWS MD Zeyad M ElBassel added: “Although the CDWS has no power to investigate such matters, we are in close contact with authorities about the incident. Thankfully no person was injured.

Owners, operators and international holiday agents are all working to find alternative berths for charterers who may be affected by any loss of operating capacity among the boats.

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