New Diver tracking decree

Chamber or Diving & Watersports

CDWS announces new regulations requiring use of tracking devices on all dive safari boats operating in remote locations

Following recommendations from the Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS), the Egyptian Minster of Tourism has issued a decree stating that all safari boats operating in remote areas must carry on board an approved diver-tracking system. Remote areas are currently defined by the CDWS as the Brothers Islands and any site further south.

The decree has been issued in a bid to help prevent cases of lost divers in remote and current-exposed areas, such as the southern most dive sites of the Egyptian Red Sea. Such systems are already being used by some safari boat operators in these areas as an extra safety measure.

All safari boat operators have now been given until then end on June 2010 to implement the new system. Any tracking device that meets the following criteria may be used:

–    those approved by the NTRA (National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority):
–    those tested and approved by CDWS

To date only the SeaSafe system has completed the approval process, with two other products currently undergoing a series of tests. The results of the latest approvals will be announced to CDWS members once completed.

Tekstreme is very proud to boast that on the Technical safari boats of Emperor Divers, the “SeaSafe” system is already in place, and in use by Tekstreme and Emperor Diver guests. Emperor Divers have been the first diving operator in the Red Sea to implement the diving tracking system. The bonus of such a system is that it has been depth tested to over one hundred meters making it suitable for Technical Divers. I strongly believe that this decree for such a system could not come soon enough as the Red Sea does receive bad press with regards to missing divers. Hopefully such systems will bring the safety standards within the Red Sea up on par with its European and other western country counterparts.


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