More Missing Divers! Scuba diving news.

Using the radar to find the diver

Egyptian rescue boats searched with fading hope for a British tourist on Sunday who was lost while scuba diving in the Red Sea, one of the rescuers said.
The three boats focused their search in an area 13 kilometres (eight miles) south of the Red Sea port town of Safaga, where the 45-year-old tourist was last seen on Saturday. He was among a group of 12 British scuba divers. The rest of the group made it safely to shore.

Essam Mahran, in charge of rescue operations with the Red Sea Association for Diving and Marine Activities, said the tourist was an expert diver, but hopes of rescuing him were dimming. “The chances of finding him alive are weak,” he said. It has now become apparent that a second member of the group as also since gone missing!

In reference to Tekstreme’s previous blog entitled “CDWS missing diver decree”, how many lives could be saved if such a diver tracking system can be implemented on all diving boats, not exclusively to Safari boats!?

The number of “missing diver” reports is reaching quite frightening numbers. After almost ten years of personally guiding within the Red Sea and having never lost a single diver, you have to wonder how these occurrences are happening. Do you look to the dive centre for responsibility, or personally to the dive guide or ultimately the divers themselves? I strongly believe that daily diving guests need to be regulated and controlled much tighter, this is especially so due to our good diving conditions that make divers become too complacent. If you examine in more details the experience level of the missing divers you will discover that in all reports they all say a very similar thing….”the diver was experienced!”.

The sooner a diver tracking system such as “SeaSafe” can be a requirement for all diving boats the better.


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