BSAC Technical Instructors come to Tekstreme

Tekstreme is a recognized BSAC Technical training centre.

Tekstreme Technical Instructors are preparing themselves for a week of intensive Technical training provided by Mike Rowley from BSAC. All Tekstreme / Emperor Divers centres will be working with BSAC in providing Technical training up to the highest levels in both Open Circuit scuba and Closed Circuit scuba. This will make Tekstreme unique and provide a great opportunity for all BSAC Divers to come abroad and continue their technical training.

Tekstreme are very proud to have already experienced instructors that can teach through multiple training agencies, working alongside BSAC is a further enhancement to our centre so that we can provide to the technical divers exactly what they want.

The Instructor training will begin in Sharm on the 7th of February, through to the 14th. So for all you BSAC divers out there already, or divers from other training agencies that are interested in BSAC courses we look forward to providing for you any technical training that you need.


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