New Mooring lines on Wreck

The ship before she was sunk

Dive boat moorings have been laid on the only artificial reef to have been created off the popular diving resort of Hurghada, in Egypt.

The moorings cover the 51m-long Hebat Allah, which lies on flat sand at a depth of 45m, near Abu Ramada Island.

The moorings, says HEPCA, are intended “firstly to improve safe diving conditions at the wreck” – presumably by eliminating any risk of a shot deployment injuring divers who have already descended from another vessel.

Secondly, they will prevent the damage caused by innumerable shotsput into the vessel. The artifical reef is, says HEPCA, a “valuable marine research site, offering a unique opportunity to monitor reef growth at depths greater than 35m”.

Colonisation by marine animals has advanced well since the Hebat Allah’s sinking five years ago.

“An initial assessment of marine life and coral presence was undertaken in October and recorded some extensive fish life including groupers, lionfish, many schooling fish and also a turtle,” reports HEPCA.

Corals have been slower to take hold. “There were several coral species, including some hard corals, but their current poor coverage is likely to be due to both the depth of the wreck and also the fact that it lies some distance away from an established coral reef.”

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