Tekstreme Party Night

The 1st of October proved to be a memorable day and even more of a memorable night. Why was it so significant? Well, it marked the day where Cat Parfitt and Bence Szentklaray took over Tekstreme Diving. What began as just an idea to have a few celebratory drinks together turned into a much larger Tekstreme party night!

The “Friends Bar”, a recent addition to the new marina in Hurghada, was decked out Techy style with tanks, equipment and helium balloons inviting everybody in. Even the drinks took on the theme with specialized Tekstreme cocktails and shots.

Cat says, “It was a great pleasure to see our guests, all of our friends and colleagues from many businesses in the local Hurghada area coming to support our new adventure. We are very grateful to everybody for all of your help and support”.

To see for yourself the party night, check out the latest photo additions on the Tekstreme Facebook Group.

time for speeches


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