Marsa Alam goes underground

At last, after many months of research, mapping and some very long dives by the Marsa Alam Emperor technical dive team we have finally finished mapping stage one of the caverns in the area to enable us now to offer the PADI Cavern Specialty. For many years guides have said there were some caverns in the area and had in fact guided a few very experienced divers into them on occasion. After some searching again by one of our guides Mo, he finally found them again and started to draw a map of the entrance area. He mapped an area we have named Mo’s Cavern (The Simpsons Mo’s Tavern…get it?) in honor of their founder! After a technical dive team had finished putting the final pieces to this puzzle they pushed on and have so far mapped and permanently lined over 130 meters of cavern with still some to do!


After diving them himself Aaron Bruce of Emperors technical wing Tekstreme said “ These caverns are beautiful and are a unique feature for the Ghalib area but divers need to be very well trained in the techniques to enter these caverns and enjoy part of the Red Sea only seen by a hand full of divers” As luck would have it Emperor divers has its own PADI Cavern Instructor and Cavern trained guides so now you can learn new diving skills and then enjoy the caverns with your guide the next time you are at Marsa Alam.

Course sizes are limited to just 2 students and take either 2  or 3 days so early booking is essential as this is already proving to be very popular. Contact reservations for more information and come and join us under the Red Sea and inside of Egypt!



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