Our Recent Escapades

During the last few month Tekstreme has been extremely busy teaching courses both land based and on Safari, however we have still made time to search for new and unexplored dive site.

At Port Ghalib the tekstreme team have found a large cavern system not more than a few hundred meteres away from the dive centre. It has been fully lined out and the best thing about it is the depth. At less than 10m max depth this is an ideal place for cavern courses. Tekstreme and Emperor divers will soon be able to offer you courses in the very near future.

Look out for an article and pictures in the next few days.

We were also given the chance to play with the Starfish side scan sonar to help locate the numerous wrecks, planes and helicopters that are scattered about the area. So far we are very impressed with this small side scan sonar and have already come up with a few interesting finds.

Our on going wreck hunting trips are continuing to shed some light on what wrecks are where and what is hearsay. So far we definately know where certain wrecks DO NOT exist, but we have found out where others do! More will follow as we have a couple of  wreck hunting trips over the next few weeks where all will be revealed.


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