Tekstreme supports AIDA 6th Team Freediving World Championships

Tekstreme, the Technical Diving arm of Emperor Divers sponsored the 6th AIDA World Team Freediving Championships in Sharm El Sheikh in September by providing a team of safety divers. Over a hundred athletes competed in the prestigious two week event in three disciplines; the pool based breath-holding events of static and dynamic apnea were dominated by New Zealander Dave Mullins who not only managed to hold his breath for 8 minutes and 11 seconds on the static event but also achieved a new World Record by swimming an amazing 248 metres under water on one breath.


It was the exciting Constant Weight event which involved the safety team which consisted of Aaron Bruce, Tekstreme director, staff members Sarah Woodford and Christine Tyson and regular Tekstreme guest Richard Woodhead.

Over the space of four days, men and women dived down to progressively deeper depths on only one breathe and with the propulsion of either two very long fins or one huge monofin. The Competition went smoothly with only a couple of athletes receiving shallow water blackouts. World record holder Natalia Molchanova made a dive to 85m look easy but a number of the men turned back early from their 100+ metre attempts with the winner reaching 110.


The Mens’ Competition was won by France and the ladies’ by Russia, with the British Mens’ team achieving a very respectable 8th place…well done guys!  




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