Open Source Dive Computer

Dive computers can be fickle things and having spent the last 10 years diving with mixed gas computers there has not been a great deal to choose from. Originally i had a VR3 which when i bought it was the best invention ever! That was untill the color screen version came out and i then had no end of problems. After several fixes i decided to get rid of it and go with tables. Not long afterwards the Shearwater GF came out and although rather large in size it was a very good and user friendly mixed gas CCR dive computer. After a year the new Pursuit model came out which was a lot smaller with added features. A few month ago i got told of an Open Sourse dive computer that was open and closed circuit with mixed gas capabilities, small and lightweight that had a liquid crystal display. At first i thought it was the LiquiVision but it is far from it.

The computer is made by Heinrichs Weikamp and is designed to let you write your own deco software for it OR upload someone elses. We went for mark Ellyat’s Deco Check on ours as Mark has been playing with this computer for a while now and loves it. The computer only has two buttons to press so if very easy to set up. Underwater in less than 1m viz the display is awesome! Whilst diving in the UK in 1m viz my dive buddy could barely see me but could make out what the computer was displaying. This computer really is a great piece of kit. If you need one they are for sale via the UK for only 550 pounds sterling and that includes shipping and with Deco Check installed. If anyone is interested drop me an email for more info.


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