Lusitania Expedition 2008

Well it didn’t quite turn out to be what we expected. Last year the team had three sets of dates to dive the Lusitania under the directive of Greg Beamis, the wrecks owner. He was sure that there was ammunition on the ship that was being transported for the war effort. As the Lusitania was a passenger ship she was meant to only carry passengers and general cargo. We had two sets of dates for July ’07 and another for the August. Unfortunately July was the month the UK was hit by storms and both sets of dates were a washout. As i only had enough holidays for the July dates i messed the August trip where the rest of the team had flat calm seas and good viz.

Typical really. No ammunition was found by the team but they did narrow down the search to a small area on the bow. As all the dates for ’07 were done we then had to go through the whole process of application forms and date selection again for 2008.

Lusitania team with the wrecks owner Greg Beamis
Lusitania team with the wrecks owner Greg Beamis

As it was our dates for the Lusitania trip were the 9th to the 11th September. These dates were picked due to favourable currents and the slim chance that the weather would be good to us. Greg Beamis had arranged for two ROV’s to be sent over from the States to help in the location of the ammunition as well as provide limited cover for the divers. The plan was to send down the ROV’s to locate the hole and then send down the divers to explore it. Things didn’t quite turn out that way. With Hurricane Hanna wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and Ike starting to rear its head the weather forecast for the week was poor to say the least. Southerly winds with gale force 5 predicted did not look good, but as with all things nothing ventured, nothing gained. The whole team met up in a B&B in the small village of Union Hall on the Monday evening ready to dive the following day if the weather permitted. We woke up early for big fry up and waited for the weather report. Southerly gale force 8 and small craft warnings! No way were we diving in that and even the fishing fleet had tied up. After several photographs and interviews with American journalists we called it a day and headed home. The rest of the team have another date towards the end of September but work commitments mean that i am now back in sunny Sharm. Some things are just not meant to be, although there is always another year!!!!

Safe diving.


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